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Annular BOP

Name: Annular BOP
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Annular BOP is an important part of well-control devices. Working medium is oil, gas and mud etc. It mainly applies to control well-pressure during drilling work, oil test and workover operations. It can prevent well blowout effectively and realize safety construction. Annular BOP must be used with hydraulic control system. It is usually used with ram BOP and can also be used independently. It can be used for following operation: It can be use one kind of packing unit to seal any size of annular space if there is a drilling tool, drill pipe or casing in hole. When there is no drilling tool in hole, it can thoroughly shut off the well head. When the well blowout happens during drilling work or well logging, it can seal the Annular spaces formed between Kellys , wire line or steel rope and well wall. When use a hydraulic control system equipped pressure regulator or an accumulator, forced tripping with 18° welded tool joints is allowed.
There are 2 forms of packing units in the annular BOP which sold by our company: spherical and tapered. The upper housing and the shell of spherical packing unit is connected by flange and wedge. The upper housing and the shell of tapered packing unit is connected by jaw.
The design and manufacture of the product completely comply with API Spec 16A and national standard. It has obtained quality certification from API Spec Q1 and ISO9001, and been authorized to use API Spec-16A monogram

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