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Name: Substructure
Name: Beijing Tripod International Trade Co., Ltd
Model: 100102563




· Substructure is classified as box-on-box type, pieces-mounting type, slingshot type, swing-up type, and telescoping type

· Box-on-box type and pieces-mounting type have relative higher substructure at front platform, enabling the installation of standard BOP.  The substructure at the back platform is relatively lower, therefore providing ease of installation of heavy equipment such as drawworks and transmission unit, etc.;

· Slingshot type adapts to electric rig.  The drill floor and equipment on it can be installed at low level, and the mast rises when the drill floor is at low level, then the drill floor and mast can be raised together.  There are hydraulic bumping cylinders on the left and right of the drill floor.  In mast raising, they act as bumpers, while in mast lowering, they act as push power.

   Swing-up structure allows both the drill floor and the equipment on it to be installed at low level.  The mast is then raised from the low level followed by the whole drill floor.

   Telescoping structure allows the mast and substructure to be lifted with hydraulic cylinders.  The design reduces structural stress and weight, rig-up and move are more convenient.

   Built to API Spec 4F, authorized to use the official API monogram

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